Mail aus den USA / Mail from the USA

Liebe Basen und Vettern,

am 08.Dezember 2008 habe an unsere Familienmitglieder in den USA mein Weihnachtsanschreiben und den aktuellen „Familienbrief“ per Mail geschickt.

Darauf habe ich von Hollies Mundhenke nachfolgende Mail bekommen, deren Text ich hier gern an Euch weiter gebe.

Merry Christmas to you and Yours.

I was with my son Dean Mundhenke and family a few yearss ago to germany and meet many of the Mundhenkes. I am 87 years of age and doing good each day – still in my own home. My daughter and family live in Idaho and single son Dale lives here about a 10 minute drive from my home.

Greetings to all! Hollis Mundhenke and thanks for the greeting. Happy New Year to you too!

Thanks Hollis Mundhenke and all the best

Günther Hundertmark